Hello!  I am Jody Weiner Davis and I have been providing counseling services since 1974.  I enjoy helping people to change, to improve their lives, and to achieve the goals that we set out to work on together in therapy. I provide psychotherapy counseling forindividuals, couples, families, children, adolescents, and adults.

I have received additional training as a Divorce Mediator. I am a member of The New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators and The Academy of Professional Family Mediators. Through my decades of experience as a Marriage and Family Therapist, I can help you to resolve your conflicts and dissolve your marriage in a fair, amicable, professional, and compromising manner.

I enjoy the diversity of my practice.  I am the type of therapist who interacts in the session:  feedback, questions, homework.

I also offer phone sessions and telecommunication options for counseling and supervision purposes. 

I have day or evening appointments, Monday through Thursday.  

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What I Do:

Therapy is a joint effort.  We will work together to help change those areas of your life that are causing you frustration, pain, anger and discomfort.  I believe that a positive, proactive approach to treatment transforms the work of therapy into a journey of education, challenge and change. 

I am a person FIRST and a therapist by profession.  My clients are important to me as people and I do not seek to judge them or the issues they are having. My goal is to help them to find their authentic self.

It is my hope that my diversified professional experience is offered to my clients  in a comfortable and trusting atmosphere.  I make each session worthwhile, take notes, give homework, and offer tools to help you at home, school, or work. Whatever works, we use, and whatever does not, we figure out "Why?" Therapy is a journey, an adventure that I hope will be rewarding...

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I return phone calls promptly, usually within 24 hours, seven days per week.

All sessions and contacts are strictly confidential and all messages that you leave on my voicemail are confidential.

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