Telecounseling is a private, HIPAA compliant, easily accessible way to work on problems and find solutions. I offer telecounseling on an ongoing basis, or on an as needed basis. Sometimes, clients prefer telecounseling because it offers them the opportunity to coordinate their work or home life and still address problems they are having. Do you have a busy schedule and find that you keep putting off even going for therapy? Telecounseling might be the right solution for you. Easily accessed from your computer, smartphone, and tablet, we work together, privately, securely, on whatever issues you would otherwise address in my office. In fact, sometimes telecounseling is even easier because you might be running late for your appointment; cannot find someone to watch your child; don’t feel well but want to keep your appointment; have a medical problem that keeps you from scheduling in-office sessions; want to include your partner or other family members or individuals in on the session and you are in two separate places, or are just at home and find it easier to coordinate everyone’s schedules to attend. Telecounseling offers you the help you need sometimes sooner than you might be able to receive otherwise. On vacation or on a business trip and need help? No worries, through my secure, HIPAA compliant program, we can talk as if you were in my office, privately, comfortably. Take the first step toward change. Let’s get started.  

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