Family Therapy

Families are always in motion, always changing. Just as individuals change in the course of the life cycle so do families. Sometimes families get stuck in a particular part of the life cycle, or have trouble with a particular problem.  Family therapy can be a very useful way to explore and open new possibilities for change.  For over thirty years, I have helped families to change, to understand the different needs and roles of individual members and to look at the system as a whole. Changes in the family life cycle impact all family members and thus, when there is one change in the family system, everyone is affected.  Families are incredibly strong and we will look at your strengths. The sum is larger and stronger than its parts but its parts give it strength. Sometimes families need -+a little “nudge” to get back on track and enjoy all that family life can bring. Your focus might be on parenting your children more effectively with such issues as academic or behavioral problems  whether you are still together or have moved on to other relationships, or are a single parent struggling to realign relationships, heal, and adjust to the challenges of change.  Sometimes, families seek help with aging parents, loss of a spouse, or parent, need to cope with health related problems, or need help grieving, making new connections, and lending support to one another. Whatever your reason for seeking help, I am here and will do my best to be helpful in a supportive, positive, caring, and active manner.  We will work on solutions together, and I often give homework for you to try out at home.  What works we keep and what does not, we change.  Either way, we figure out why.  Family therapy can be most rewarding to all involved.  Take the first step toward change.  Let’s get started. 

  • Child-focused behavior problems--younger children, adolescents
  • Problems with extended family members such as parents, grandparents, siblings, or other relatives
  • Helping family members cope with transitions in the family-- separation, divorce, remarriage, illness, death
  • LGBTQ issues
  • Improving communication between family members
  • Chronic illness and impact on the family
  • Adoption

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