Recommendations  from Clients:

"Ms. Davis has been our family therapist for over 5 years. We started with Jody as a recommendation from our family physician since his family had used her services for their own children. Our concern at that time was our daughter's anxiety with quite a number of issues. At this point, our daughter is a well adjusted teenager, as well adjusted as a teenager can be, and we credit Jody with a lot of that well being. Needless to say, she did such a great job with our daughter that we kept going as a 'married couple' to discuss and resolve some of our own issues. Through her sessions, we have grown both as a couple and as individuals. That is the greatest information I can share with you in her web site. You can't ask for much more!"Signed,
JW,Marlboro, N.J.

    The quality that sets Jody Weiner Davis apart from other counselors and therapists I have known is her humanity. Jody has, through a combination of innate and acquired skills, achieved the rare ability to combine professionalism with a personal investment that deservedly achieves the confidence and admiration of her clients. As a patient I always felt a sense that her interest and caring for my concerns and problems held first-person intimacy, without the sacrifice of wise and learned input. Her style and treatment adjusts with the changing needs of the client: from empathy to instruction, from mediation to advice as required; but always with an overarching sense of genuine caring for her client as an individual and a very real person. As such she successfully filled many roles: counselor, teacher, confident, confessor, conciliator; with a genuineness that was both self-evident and reassuring in my times of need or crisis.

    I first went to Jody in 1990 when at a young age I was going through a difficult divorce with two small children.  Jody helped me to get through the difficulties, made me feel better about myself and I was able to get through the divorce and raise my children on my own with confidence.

    At times over the past 18 years when life's thrown me a curve and I needed someone to provide insight and help me to get back on track, I've reached out to Jody.

    Jody is very easy to talk with and her style of therapy and caring attitude are what makes her practice a success!!

    I have known Jody for 5 years.  She has  helped me with my daughter's eating disorder.  I found our sessions informative with a lot of feedback that helped me to see the situation more clearly.  As a mother it is hard to take a step back and not get involved where your child is concerned, but with Jody's help and guidance I learned how to do it.  I now feel like a much stronger person for having known Jody.  I would highly recommend Jody to anyone with any family or personal problem. The first step is the hardest and then Jody takes you the rest of the way.
     A very grateful client,

    There aren't enough words to describe what a wonderful therapist Jody Weiner Davis is!  I went to her because I was suffering from anxiety, like so many people are these days. She made me feel so comfortable and it was so easy to talk to her. I found myself looking forward to going to each session and feeling more confident each time I left with Jody's words, advice and guidance to help me along. She absolutely changed my life!  She has been there for my family, as well, and we have never been happier and healthier. She has made such a difference in our lives and I am forever grateful for the kindness and support she has given me. I truly mean it when I say that Jody Weiner Davis has all the experience and skills you would look for in a therapist, and all the qualities you would hope for in a friend. And now all my friends want Jody's number too!
    MK from Manalapan, NJ

    I have really learned a lot about myself from talking with Jody. As a young guy in college, there have definitely been issues that have come up in my life that I felt needed to be addressed. There are a lot of challenges and stresses that people my age face from dealing with relationships and pressures from high school and then college, to figuring out who you are and what you want to do with your life. All of us have stuff we can talk about and it doesn't just get fixed on its own sometimes. For any young person who thinks they can handle everything by themselves or thinks that therapy doesn't work and is just a waste of time, try going to Jody and I promise you will change your mind! She is extremely insightful and the techniques she gives you to use can be the difference sometimes in having a more productive and less anxiety filled day. Countless times Jody hits the nail on the head when understanding your issues and making you feel as if you aren't alone or weird for having the feelings that you do. She is extremely comfortable to talk with, and her advice is something I'll never forget!
    JK, Marlboro, NJ

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