Divorce Mediation

  • Help couples to discuss and resolve conflicts in a more amicable, practical, and fair manner in order to divorce
  • Help couples to write their own divorce agreement with regard to Child Support, Custody, Alimony and Spousal Support, Property Division and Equitable Distribution, and Other Relevant Issues

Divorce mediation is an alternative to litigation. It is often less expensive than litigation. You and your spouse agree to mediate, i.e. settle, your marriage in an amicable and fair manner. As the mediator, it is my role to help you reach an agreement on all relevant aspects of your marriage. I facilitate but not advise you. Information that we discuss in my office is confidential and not a matter of public record. Mediation can help you to resolve further conflicts post divorce as well. Once your mediated agreement is completed, you may seek legal counsel to file it with the court. Divorce mediation often allows couples to heal faster and move on with their lives sooner because the agreement is one that you created, not under duress, and came up with fair solutions. If you feel that this process will not allow you to have as equal a say as your spouse, such as in the case of domestic violence, the consultation and follow up with an attorney is advised to protect your rights. Take the first step toward change. Let’s get started. 

In addition to my face to face mediation practice in Morganville, New Jersey, I offer online mediation. Mediation is about communication, a reflective and personal service helping you to reach agreements, as well as about moving past your pain and frustration in a fair and amicable way to the next chapter in your life. As a Marriage and Family Therapist for over thirty years, I have been helping parents focus on as a top priority the well being of their children. Your mediation is as personal as your family. My style as a mediator is to help you to feel supported, helping you to clarify and compromise without judgment. Online mediation offers a convenient wide net to reach out to any combination of family members and professionals to help you divorce or to help you mediate relevant family concerns. Through online delivery of services, my office offers you mediation, as well as counseling services, of your divorce or other aspects of your life. Online mediation has many advantages. You can meet with me online at more opportune hours that might better suit your individual, professional, and family needs. Just like my online counseling services, mediation can be accomplished with greater convenience and thus maintain the continuity of our working together, especially during this COVID-19 crisis. For example, there might be urgent parenting plan changes that need to be addressed and cannot otherwise be mediated in person. You might be stuck at home but you do not need to feel stuck at a standstill in your divorce process. Being in the same residence with your divorcing spouse especially during a crisis might be more emotionally and physically taxing on you and on the family. I am here to help. Feel free to call me at 732-972-0584 and I will be happy to answer your questions and concerns. Don't let time and space constraints deter you from accomplishing your mediation. I will answer your calls promptly. You can also email me at [email protected]

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